Friday, January 18, 2013


Hey there,
My name is XandraT8 but you can just call me Xandra. I'm still pretty new to RPGs even though I started playing about 2 years ago. I started out playing D&D but quickly grew tired of it when I could to find anyone who shared the same interest with me. So I turned to this place and so far it looks pretty awesome.

I am a girl but I mostly like to roleplay guys since I'm a tomboy and don't like anything girly. Female characters are just really not my thing but I can sometimes roleplay a girl who is quiet and shy rather than someone who is sassy and outgoing. I like to roleplay both pre-made characters and of course my own created characters.
Fantasy RPGs are the main type of genre that I roleplay in but I also like Sci Fi and Realistic. Mostly I only join a roleplay if it catches my attention. Superheroes RPGs have been my latest interest so if anyone has one don't afraid to send an invite. I don't bite...much.
I am mostly on my iPhone since my computer got all messed up and it seems to lag every time I try to type so if I make mistakes in grammar or punctuation blame it on the iPhone.
Other than roleplaying I love marvel comics. I am currently collecting comics, action figures, and trading cards. I love reading fan fictions so if you need someone to read over or just get some reviews to enhance your writing don't be afraid to send me an invite. Remember I don't bite ...much. Anyways back to what I like. Hmm.. Oh I love teenage mutant ninja turtles, digital artwork, dogs, wolves, horses, greek mythology, video games and I think that's about it.

So I look foward to roleplaying with you guys and hopefully I make some friends around here.

P.S: I really suck at drawing but every now and then I create something for my characters but hat is highly unlikely.


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